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The Shades of the 60s shows are a series of productions led by the Shades of the 60s trio.

They represent a love of an iconic decade from which music can still be recognised Worldwide by people of all ages.

The first in the series of ‘Shades of the 60s’ productions was the story of Cilla Black’s incredible career from singer to the UKs most beloved TV personality.
Victoria Jones’ engaging portrayal of Cilla has been stunning audiences and reviving memories of the merseybeat 60s since 2016.

The series continued and 2018 saw the launch of Dusty & The Shades of the 60s, telling the story of one of our most recognised and revered stars from the decade.
Dusty brought so much to the music industry that she is still widely known today as the most successful female music export from the UK – even 50 years after she launched her phenomenal career.
Emily Clark, who originally performed as a Shade, fits perfectly into the role of Dusty.

2019 sees the launch of the newest Shades production, featuring the story of the legendary Tom Jones.
Tom Jones & The Shades of the 60s stars the incredibly talented Dan Chettoe in the role of Tom. Known from BGT for a voice well beyond his years.

We are very proud to have three fantastic, honest productions enjoyed so widely around the country and we welcome you to join us at your local theatre.

New Shades of the 60s productions, each focusing on a different artist, are planned for the future and we are very excited to share them with our audiences.

Written & Directed by:
Matt Brinkler & Terry Morrison

Lighting Design & Programming:
David Muir

Sound Design:
James Smith

Set Design:
David Shields

Rebecca Jeffery

Music Preparation Services:
Anima Music UK Ltd

Produced by:
RED Entertainment

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